Friday, January 18, 2008

Cabana's Gone Digital

I wanted to announce that both of my (TJ Gorton) 12-inch singles, Club Cabana and Jan Fonda are now available digitally at Juno. The 12" version of Club Cabana has sold out at Juno, however it's still available at many fine record outlets including, Piccadilly, Dance Records, Underground Solution, Flexx, and many many others. Over at Phonica, they now have the Jane Fonda 12" on sale, so I would reccommend checking that out as well as all their great sale items.

In other news, Anthony Mansfield's remix of Club Cabana has been released by Hector Works's new sub label Hectar Digital as it's first "digital only" release. You can find this digital release at many great digital music outlets, including Juno and Beatport. I would also reccommend checking out the other track on that release, Anthony Mansfield's remix of Tal M. Klein "That Ain't No Mermaid". The track is pretty amazing, I have to say.

Anyways, thanks for all the support, it's greatly appreciated!

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1 comment:

Enrique said...

Nice one! Congrats. Will definitely check out the remix on Juno.