Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Disco Exchange

One of my favorite things to do during my free time, is visiting my local record stores and spending hours looking through crates and crates of used vinyl trying to find rare disco gems. This definitely has been a huge addiction of mine for sometime, especially since last year when I went to New York and walked away with 30 + plus rare disco records after an eight plus hour straight search. That being said, One of the hot items on my "wantlist" is LTG Exchange's 1974 disco-funk flavored self-titled LP,LTG Exchange. This classic latin funk record includes some amazing singles including, "Waterbed" and "Corazon" as well as some solid standout album cuts like "Trouble on the Run" and "Give It Love". The "Corazon" track has made it's way onto some great mix compilations including Dimitri From Paris's Dimitri's Disco Forever and The Idjut Boys' Saturday Nite Live Volume Two. The two singles have most recently been re-edited and made up the first series of the Underdog Edits, which is probably your best bet in finding the classic version of the singles. While most of the re-edits that I've heard from this record are worth owning, I would reccommend hunting down an original copy of the LP, the record is pretty solid all the way through and a rare find, especially for people who enjoy the more latin side of disco.

LTG Exchange - Waterbed Pt.1
LTG Exchange - Waterbed (Underdog Edit)

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