Monday, January 07, 2008

An Undecided Love

A song that I recently discovered and have been listening to a lot lately is a 1975 rare disco cut entitled "Undecided Love" by The Chequers. The original track was released off of Scepter Records, a label, that's release of "Undecided Love", was one of the first ever promotional 12" singles to come out. The song was mixed by Tom Moulton (Why am I not suprised) and had a small impact on the disco scene on it's initial release. The Canadian label, Unidisc Records, got a hold of the rights to the track and released an extended edit of the track in 1982, which gave the track a bit more attention. The track features a slower disco groove which includes a solid smooth vocal track ripe for sampling. I would like to see someone put together a solid re-edit of the track using the "percussion-heavy" intro of the song. Another nice find.

The Chequers - Undecided Love

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