Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bearded Disco Science

2007 was a huge year for re-edits and remixes. One of my favorite re-edit 12-inches of 2007 has to be Beard Science's Razor Sharp Edits EP 1. This EP was a collaborative effort by producers from the US, UK, Belgium, Japan, and Australia. I'm still trying to track down the originals, however my favorite cut on this record is Jinichi's, a Belgium duo, re-working of Linda Clifford's classic 1979 disco gem, "Hold Me Close", which was originally released on her Bridge Over Troubled Water LP. I'm also really getting into the B-side tracks T. Tauri's edit, titled "Ark Raiders" and Oswego Music's edit titled, "Martian Mirrorball", both being solid disco edits that are primed for the dancefloor. In my opinion this re-edit EP is one of the best records to come out in 2007, making most of us disco ethusiasts highly anticipating the follow-up.

Beard Science - Hold Me Longer (Jinichi Rework)
Beard Science - Ark Raiders (T. Tauri Edit)

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John Zahl said...

Viva la beard!

Social Disco Club said...

Hi TJ!

In case you dont known:

"Martian Mirrorball" is a edit of Dexter Wansel "You Can Be What You Wanna Be"

Take Care

American Athlete said...

Thanks SDC!