Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mellow Lovin'

While I was out looking for my New Year's '70's themed outfit for the NYE disco party at Solo, I randomly came across an Judy Cheek's 1978 debut LP, Mellow Lovin', an album I've been looking to find for sometime now. The best part was that it was in mint condition, and priced at $3.99- A major steal in my opinion. This album was released by Salsoul and mixed by legendary producer Tom Moulton. I first heard the title track, "Mellow Lovin", on Suss'd Records' compilation release Salsoul Presents: Disco Trance & Cosmic Flavas, and became an instant fan. Compilations are good because they introduce you to new artists and songs, however I always question if the albums that these artists put out are as solid as the music that's featured on the compilation. After listening to Cheeks whole album, I found that it's definitely worth adding to a disco lover's record collection, with some solid cuts like "It's Just A Love Affair Gone", a cover of Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Mind", "Darling, That's Me" and of course the classic "Mellow Lovin". Overall it was a nice find on a day I was, for once, not record shopping.

Judy Cheeks - Mellow Lovin' (Tom Moulton Mix)

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CB said...

what a great track. i haven't heard this track in so many years. thanks for sharing it, happy new year.cb