Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boogie Down in the Forest

Over the nice and sunny (for a change) 3 day weekend, I found myself enjoying this latin flavored disco cut entitled, "In The Forest" by Baby'O. This 1979 classic dancefloor track was produced by Rafael Villafane and was originally included on the only Baby'O record, You've Got It, released on their own Calibre Records. The song is highlighted by a very heavy percussion and funky bass groove intro, as well as latin-boogie breakdown definitely worth sampling. After getting a chance to hear the entire record, it's definitely unfortunate that Villafane didn't put together a follow-up release. The project name, "Baby'O" was acutally named after a famous disco in Acapulco, Mexico. Overall, the song worked nice for my "warmer" relaxing weekend.

Baby'O - In The Forest

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1 comment:

fritz the cat said...

When I was at college there was a guy who kept banging on about Baby 'O and was always curious about it. Nice one, thanks.