Friday, February 08, 2008

Booking Dates in Paris and London!!

At the end of May/Early June, me(TJ Gorton) and my girlfriend are going to take our first trip to London and Paris. This is extremely exciting for one, I've never been out of the US, and two I hear there some amazing clubs, record stores, and places to see if both locations. I'm making this announcement because I would be interested in possibly Deejaying a night or two while I was over there if any kind promoters would book me. I also am looking for a few places to crash and sleep for the night. Traveling is expensive, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are a club booker or a promoter, or anyone just having a party that would like to have me come play please email me at, as well if you are just a kind person to house me and my girlfriend for a night or two. We are very low maintence and would basically just require a roof over our heads to sleep at night.

Here are the dates that I'll be in Paris and London:
London - May 24-26
Paris - May 27-30
London - May 30 - June 2
(There is definitely some flexibility in these dates)

Staying with the French disco spirit, here is a classic 1979 disco gem entitled, "The Last Disco in Paris" by Partners. This was the titled track from the rare The Last Disco in Paris LP released by Marlin Records. Enjoy!

Partners - The Last Disco in Paris

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Jim said...

You probably know these places..

//Jim, Gothenburg,Swe

American Athlete said...

Thanks Jim for the links, I didn't know about those place.

To Everyone, please, travelling is expensive, and if you can help house me and my girlfriend for a day or two I will greatly appreciate it.