Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Find Yourself a Friend

You can probably spend a few hours discussing Sylvester's influence and contributions to both disco and italo. In his early year's his more soul and funk driven records like his 1977 self-titled LP Sylvester, 1978's Step II and 1979's Stars helped him become a household name in the club scene, while his later work with legendary italo producer Patrick Cowley and San Francisco's Megatone Records during the early 1980's helped him re-establish himself and his sound as many other disco artists of his era fell off. Most Sylvester fans that I talk to, enjoy both his early more "traditional soulful" disco sound, as well as his later, more high energy italo sounding productions. I would have to say that even though there are many later cuts, like 1982's "Do Ya Wanna Funk" and "Don't Stop" that I really enjoy, I would probably say that I'm a bigger fan of his early productions like 1977's "Dance (Disco Heat)", 1978's "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)", and 1980's "I Need You". However, my favorite cut from his early records has to be the 1977 classic "Over & Over". This single was originally released off of his self-titled LP and includes an energetic live audience over dub that really gives the track a feel like you've been transformed back into 1977, partying and dancing with people inside a intimate disco nightclub. Everytime I listen to the track, it feels like I get an audio insider to a glimpse of what the NY disco clubs like, Paradise Garage and The Gallery were like back in the day. Regardless, this classic production is just another highlight to Sylvester's amazing musical career.

Sylvester - Over & Over

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Dilaters said...

hey, have you ever checked out the live version of Dance (Disco Heat)? Starts off OK< and is just incredible by the time it gets to the end.. my all time favourite live disco cut, and the source of a big Moodyman sample.


Theres a great Sylvester biog out there too with loads of insight into the scenes of the time