Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekly Record Recommendation

After some thought, I decided that not only do I want to highlight all the great rare disco, italo, funk, and soul on this blog, I want to highlight some of the newer releases that are coming out. In doing so, every week I will highlight one new release, that's usually a week or two old, that I highly reccommend. This way I can help promote some of the newer disco singles, edits, and albums that producers, deejays, and artists are releasing. Most the time I won't include a full MP3 clip, because my goal is for people to go out and purchase the actual record.

Secret Bob - Oyster La Vista Baby! 12"
For my first post, this week I'm recommending the new Lobster Disques' 12-inch, entitled Oyster La Vista Baby!, which consists four very unique and solid re-edits from Secret Bob. For his fourth re-edit 12-inch, Secret Bob works his magic to Sweet Music's version of "I Get Lifted", Them's popular rock classic "Gloria", The Pasadenas rare classic "Tribute (right on)", as well as even a edit of Judas Priest's "Rocking After Midnight", which is safe to say unique and very interesting. Secret Bob does a nice job of re-editing all of these tracks, which come from a wide spectrum of music genres, to work on a disco dancefloor and make sense. If your a fan of Tangoterje or Rune Lindbæk edits, this record is right up your alley.

Secret Bob - Straight on Straight on (Sample Clip)
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