Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cosmic Northwestern Disco

I haven't covered a lot of newer cosmic disco lately, however, a local Seattle producer under the name Altair Nouveau caught my eye about a month ago after he sent me his debut CD self-titled release. After the first listen, I became excited about hearing this "Norwegian Nu Disco" sounding production coming from someone locally. The tracks on this album fall along the same lines as the music that's being produced by new school disconauts Lindstrom, Diskjokke, Prins Thomas, Blackbelt Andersen, etc. My favorite songs on the record at this point are probably "Sorcerer", which contains a heavy slow cosmic disco groove, and "Space Fortress" which rides a nice smooth bass groove that I can't seem to get enough of. Overall, this a great album from a Northwest artist that will hopefully be getting some well-deserved attention in the near future.

Altair Nouveau - Sorcerer
Altair Nouveau - Space Fortress

You can catch Altair Nouveau doing a guest DJ set tonight at Havana's weekly disco night, Studio.

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Herr Schmitz said...

nice one!