Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Take Me I'm Yours

I've really been into the classic Patrick Adams' productions as of late. Here is another, with this time being Mary Clark's late 70's classic "Take Me I'm Yours". This record was written and produced by both Adams and West End Records disco producer Billy Nichols whom is most known for his production of the classic 1979 disco hit "Give Your Body Up To The Music". Adams and Nichols come together here for Clark's most notable effort. "Take Me I'm Yours" was released as a 12-inch single under one of Adams many NY record labels, this time being the very short established La Shawn label. Overall, it's an amazing disco track that has a bit of a mid-tempo gospel/soul feel thing going on. This track was also featured recently on Rapster Records' The Kings of Disco compilation that was released back in 2004. I can guarentee one thing, give this track a few listens and it could quite possibly end up getting stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Great track!

Mary Clark - Take Me I'm Yours

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Jimmy said...

absolutely ace track!

Ruffles said...

Dear American Athlete,

You are very cute and like disco music, so you are ace in our books. Ever come up to Vancouver to DJ?

Ruffles said...

oh, PS. If you're ever in town during one of our parties (peep our blog), come! You'd be guest-listed in a most efficient manner.

Mr B said...

mmmmmmmm this one takes you so high

P.ADAMS without the coked synth is much better!

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck is this song gone?