Friday, March 14, 2008

Find Somebody, Enjoy the Weekend

New York's Patrick Adams, whom is one of my all-time favorite producers, was a major player in producing some of the most classic disco and dance releases during the late 1970's and early 1980's. During his remarkable career, he worked with groups and artists such as Musique, Inner Life, Cloud One, Herbie Mann, Bumble Bee Unlimited, The Kay-Gees, Rainbow Brown, Venus Dodson, plus many many more. He also helped run the legendary New York disco label P&P Records with the legendary Peter Brown, that produced many classic disco and club records. In Adams long and brilliant career, he did come out with own solo work in 1978 with the album, Patrick Adams Presents Phreek. This record is a 'disco staple', a great dancefloor masterpiece that also featured another legendary disco/soul producer in Leroy Burgess. The classic single that came off this record was "Weekend", which was a favorite cut of Paradise Garage's Larry Levan. Levan enjoyed the song so much that he did his own mix of the song, and his extended edit was eventually released and became a huge club hit which was later covered by Class Action. We can definitely discuss for some time, about Adams' Phreek album as well as his other brilliantly produced work, however on this Friday, I say let's sit back and enjoy the "Weekend".

Phreek - Weekend (Larry Levan 12" Mix)

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I love this record. Is this the album with the cut "I'm A Big Phreek" on it??

If so can you post? I have not heard that song in ages...

Great music....Thanks