Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jisco...Disco...Tonight @ Re-bar!

Jisco...A New Disco Monthly at the Re-Bar, starts tonight!!!

70's Gay Disco, Sleazy Italo, Cosmic Grooves, and Plenty of Menergy, all night long with deejays TJ Gorton(Studio!, Club Cabana) & HMA(Studio!, Circus)!!!
Party Starts at 10PM, Come out and dance with us!

People who have or are wearing a moustache get in for free!

Tonight @ Re-bar
114 Howell Street
w/ TJ Gorton & HMA
10PM/ +21

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1 comment:

Jim said...

Your Club Cabana (12" mix) totaly blew the kids away last night here in Gothenburg... The bar went from soft chill to dancing and hand claps. Great! :)