Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Theme From The Men

When it comes to latin influenced disco, Joe Bataan, is definitely one of the early pioneers. That being said, it took me personally a while to get into some of his music, probably because I think I got off to the wrong foot by first being introduced to one of his popular singles, "Rap-O Clap-O", which didn't really do it for me. However as I've been listing to more and more of his releases, I'm actually finding that as a whole, Bataan's music is pretty amazing, especially when he moved to Salsoul Records during the mid to late 1970's. One of the tracks that I cam across recently was his cover version of Isaac Hayes' 1972 instrumental cut "Theme From The Men", which served as the B-Side track to his heavily popular Theme From "Shaft" single. Bataan, like most of his tracks, puts a nice latin flavored groove to the epic original. Overall, a solid effort from the man who really helped define the sound of latin influenced disco and dance music during the 1970's.

Joe Bataan - Theme From The Men

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