Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mucho Macho Disco

Not Actual Artwork, However Another Great Macho LPOne of my favorite cuts of all-time has to be the very hard-to-find erotic disco gem "Mucho Macho" by Macho. Not only is this track hard to find physically, however finding information on this track might even be harder to locate. I haven't been able to hunt down an original copy of the track, however, the song has been released recently as part of BGP Records' Living In The Streets 2 compilation as well as being re-edited by prins Thomas's amazing Major Swelling record. However, one thing is for sure, if it was produced by Macho's Mauro Malavasi then you understand why the track is so great. If you have any information regarding this record, or where I can find an original copy, please let me know.

Macho - Mucho Macho

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Geoff said...

A stellar cut. Really great blog. Shame I can't help you out on the search.


professor Eddy said...

Ooh, so big! Yes, a nice track! ;-) I can't help you either, sorry. But thanks for sharing this beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hi TJ, just droppin' by to give a little help in identifying the "Mucho Macho" track.
I think it's most likely 1979 M.A.N.'s hit "Mucho Macho", not Macho's (i.e. Marzio Vincenzi). I'm not shure, but there might have been a mistake in the tracklisting. Furthermore, the sound appears to be quite different from the typical Macho's one.
Nonetheless, there's a connection between these two acts:
Andy Abrams, who mixed "Mucho Macho", also worked as a sound engineer on Macho's first album "I'm a Man".
I think it shouldn't be so difficult to find a copy of this excellent mix (try Discogs), which definitely didn't have the fame it deserves.
Keep up the good work.

Greetings from Milan (Italy),
- Dr. Sven -

Anonymous said...

Sorry TJ, but I gave a wrong information. I just re-checked up, finding out that, as you had stated, "Mucho Macho" is actually a Macho's hit, written in 1977 by Bill Curtis, of Fatback Band fame, and Richard Cromwell. Only a 7" 45 RPM version seems to have been released (Event Records/EV-251).

Anyway, I still don't see any kind of connection between Goody Music's Macho act and "this" Macho, given the completely different kind of sound of the twos. It's more likely a production by the same staff of musicians and producers behind the Fatback Band (Gerry Thomas also appears on "Mucho Macho" as arranger).

More greetings,
- Dr. Sven -

American Athlete said...

Thanks for the info Dr. Sven. I'll see if I can find any liner notes on this track. But I think your right in that this is probably a song that included a lot of the same producers and arrangers behind Gerry Thomas, however not exactly the same line-up that did the "I'm a Man" record.

sunbathing said...
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sunbathing said...

unfortunately the mp3-file isn't up anymore... i would have liked to listen to it - since the cover you posted seems to be yet another "macho" entirely, because i actually have that record - there is no song called "mucho macho". the macho i have is composed, arranged and conducted by celso valli and has been recorded in italy (except the vocals)... eeer - if you need more info on that specific record, let me know...

and just trying to confuse things alittle bit more: there is also a song called "i'm a man" by star city, produced by john driscoll and robert quimet, written by winwood/miller, that appeared in 1978 and has a very tasty cover, too...

cheers, sbl

Степан из Одессы said...

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I search this sound all nite long and this blog give me a hope.