Friday, May 02, 2008

Glam Gone Disco

"Don't judge a book by it's cover". Well that's a great statement when describing the Glitter Band's 1976 disco hit "Makes You Blind". After this previously soft rock glam band cut ties with their old sound and founder Gary Glitter, the group "went disco" like many others at the time, with this mostly instrumental funky disco classic. This track became an instant hit with in the underground disco community and promoted the group to release other dance oriented cuts like a cover of The Bee Gees "Gotta Get A Message To You" in 1977. This band, that might of made their early name on soft rock glam jams, might be remember by many for this amazing disco gem.

The Glitter Band - Makes You Blind

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Robert O'Booey said...

Now this song is PUNK ROCK!!!

If it said "Mixed By Larry Levan" on the front, all the "heads" would be all over this one!

But since it's only "The Glitter Band"......well......

Give me this over the Joubert Singers anyday!

American Athlete said...

This song definitely blew me away as soon as I heard it. It's interesting because I haven't recieved much response from it like I thought I might. Oh Well.

Disco D said...

please re-post!
thank you :)