Monday, May 05, 2008

Celestial Choirs

You have to love a great gospel song, and one of my favorite's is Larry Levan's unreleased edit of the The Joubert Singers' 1985 classic "Stand On The Word". This edit came out on the bootlegged record label, Larry, which is a label dedicated to putting out rare unreleased white label edits and mixes by Larry Levan. You might not think a track like this, that has a heavy gospel influence, can work a dancefloor, however give it a couple of listens and you'll definitely find yourself moving to the groove as the track is very addicting. On this rare warm day in Seattle, what could be more fitting.

The Joubert Singers - Stand on the Word (Larry Levan Edit)

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Seth W. Rosenfeld said...

Hey thanks for posting this. I was just looking for this track for a mix cd (all i have is the mixed version from the louie vega comp). Is this version a much shorter edit? If so, do you know where to get a digital full in 320?

I just found your blog today - nicely done. Will be sure to check in regularly - maybe I'll check out one of your Havana parties, since I am here in Seattle also.

American Athlete said...

Hi Seth,

Glad you like the track. I don't have the full version, however it might be floating around somewhere on the web.

Anyways, hope to see you out at Havana at some point.

Take care.

Steele said...

Great tune, first discovered by Walter Gibbons (or so the story goes) and yeah you wouldnt think it after first listen but it works wonders on the dancefloor.
Nice blog

Robert O'Booey said...

Not one of my favorites....

Can't stand those children singing!

And why would I want to hear a gospel flavored song while I'm boogieing away in a "den of iniquity", a disco?

I'd rather hear Judas Priest mixed in than this song!