Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Can't Dance Without You

This weekend I found a copy of Theo Vaness's 1979 self-titled LP. After a few listens, I've been really getting into the albums single "I Can't Dance Without You". This seven plus minute disco cut has a sound very reminiscent of 70's french disco, a la Cerrone and Don Ray. Overall, the record was a nice find, and a great collectable for french disco enthusiasts like myself. If you enjoy this track, I would highly recommend checking out his other two previous albums Back To Music and Bad Bad Boy which contains the underground disco anthem, "As Long As It's Love".

Theo Vaness - I Can't Dance Without You

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Basto said...

you re blog is amazing !
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Soft Clammer said...

I wish they would release his albums on CDs. Not sure why they haven't yet. A real shame.