Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Sound of Ray Martinez

It's safe to say that I just fell in love with Ray Martinez and every single track that he produced in the 1970's. From Amant's "If There's Love" to Passion's classic "Don't Bring Back Memories", from George McCrae's "Kiss Me (The Way I Like It)" to his solo cut of "The Natives Are Restless", Martinez made a name for himself as a break through disco producer and musician during the 1970's. Helping solidify the "Miami Sound" of the late 70's, this Cuban native went onto create Miami based Paris International Records where he released records by Amant, Celi Bee, and others. Overall, Martinez is a dance music icon that helped influence disco and dance music forever.

Here is a couple of Ray Martinez produced cuts:
Passion - Don't Bring Back Memories
Amant - If There's Love

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stacy said...

This cover is unreal.

Soft Clammer said...

Passion's "In New York" is a killer track.

American Athlete said...

I agree, "In New York" is another great track. I might post that somewhere down the line.

Jacob said...

Best record cover ever.