Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baby Let's Do It The French Way

Another great record that I found during my trip to Paris was Chocolat's 1977 LP, Les Fabuleux Chocolat's. I found this record while hunting through stacks at Croco Disc (My favorite new record store), which had a numerous amount of 70's French disco rarities among other great genres. If I was anywhere near that place, location wise, I would definitely need to get another job just to support how many records that I would buy from that shop. Anyways, Chocolat's is a French disco group produced by Jean Vanloo that released many amazing disco records during the 70's including Les Fabuleux Chocolat's, The Kings of Clubs, Rythmo Tropical, African Choco among others. There most known effort came in 1977 when Salsoul Records released the The Kings of Clubs LP which features a fourteen plus Tom Moulton mix of the self-titled track. Here we have, Baby Let's Do It The French Way which was the single off the Les Fabuleux Chocolat's LP, which even though not as popular as the classic "The Kings of Clubs" cut, could be considered one of Chocolat's finest tracks. If you love French disco, I highly recommend checking out anything and everything from the Chocolat's.

Chocolat's - Baby Let's Do It The French Way

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jerome green said...

Hi TJ,


Thank you for the fun.

Peace, Jerome

melenie said...

the mp3s don't work :(

Anonymous said...

amazing, amazing song - this really made my night, keep up the great work!