Thursday, July 17, 2008

Right On Target

As many know, San Francisco's Megatone label released many amazing disco/italo records during the beginning of the 1980's. The label which was founded by Patrick Cowley, worked with arists like Sylvester, Sarah Dash, Cowley(himself), Paul Parker, Queen Samantha, among many others. One of my many favorites from this label is Paul Parker's 1982 italo classic "Right On Target". This track, like many of the early Megatone releases, was produced by Cowley and became an instant club hit, especially in the gay communities. The song also made it onto his debut LP Too Much To Dream later that year. From what I have heard of Parker, I feel like he never quite re-captured the magic that he and Cowley were able to produce on the "Right On Target" single. Regardless, Parker's debut single is one the finest productions during the legendary eary years of Megatone's existence.

Paul Parker - Right On Target

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professor Eddy said...

The guy looks like Freddy Mercury, but the song is really nice!

Anonymous said...

He was never quite able to capture the magic again because I think he started dying shortly thereafter...