Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dancing In The Fire

When I was visiting some relatives and friends this past summer in Northern California I came across a twelve-inch of Delilah's 1979 Dancing In The Fire for about two dollars. Obviously I swiped this up within a minute along with many other bargain goodies that I've featured on this blog over the past few months. I actually hadn't heard of this specific track by Delilah until I picked up the record. I was more familiar with her other disco classic "Are You Ready", which has been a personal favorite of mine for quite sometime, therefore I was very excited to hear more from this artist. That being said, "Dancing In The Fire" has really been growing on me ever since I bought the record. I'm definitely not ready to say that I enjoy it more than "Are You Ready", I am ready to say that Delilah has at least two amazing disco classics to her name.

Delilah - Dancing In The Fire

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Anonymous said...

Wow you seriously going to repost all the stuff I have on my blog?

Pat Les Stache said...

No, I've actually had this for quite sometime. That being said, I just noticed that you had this as well over on your blog (which is a great blog by the way). It's a great song!

The only other one I believe is the Karla Garrison track. I can guarentee you that I've posted many songs that are found on other blogs and to have two in common isn't suprising.

Don't worry, the last thing I would want to do is to rip off songs from your blog, I have plenty of my own.

Plus, if I were to spend all my time researching to see if a song I want to post is on another blog, I would never get any songs or posts up. I hope that clears the air a bit.

Anonymous said...

No problem, thanks for replying.