Thursday, December 04, 2008

Here Comes That Sound Again

At a recent local "record show" I was excited to pick-up a copy of Love De Luxe's 1979 Here Comes That Sound LP for a dollar. I generally hate record shows because I find that it's bunch of people who just stand around and talk about what Dylan and Beatle's records they own in a room full of $3 records that vendors are trying to get rid of. That being said, I always go to the dollar bin racks because usually I'm able to find a couple of worthy gems that Beach Boy collector's could care less about. This Love De Luxe LP was one of those classic dollar bin finds that continue to make me still attend these type of record shows. The record, which was written and produced by Alan Hawkshaw, features some solid disco cuts including the seventeen minute title track "Here Comes That Sound" and the funky "I Got That Feelin'". It seems like the record was originally released under a different title Again and Again with the track order re-arranged. I don't know what was behind the two different releases, especially because both records consist of the same tracks. Regardless, it's a solid disco classic that I recommend checking out, especially if you can find it for the same great deal I did. Enjoy!

Love De Luxe - Here Comes That Sound

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exModia Staff said...

My mum played that so many times that I have the lyrics committed to memory. I would love to hear a tribal house remix of this one day.


Anonymous said...

the cover is by Porto, the dude behind those awesome Change record sleeves!