Friday, January 16, 2009

New York City Woman

A record that's been on my wishlist for quite sometime has been C.K.B.'s 1978 disco album, New York City Women. This now hard-to-find record was another fine disco release by Carrere, which easily one of my favorite record labels. C.K.B. was a disco project produced by Luigi Ojival, whom also worked on other solid disco projects including Silver Shoes, Black Diamond, and St. Tropez. My favorite two cuts on the record are definitely the funky "Woman to Woman" and "City Woman". That being said, I'm definitely considering doing an edit of "City Woman". There seems to be a lot to work with there. Overall it's solid record and another great disco project released from Carrere, a label whom is responsible for many of the great disco gems of the late 1970's.

C.K.B. - Woman to Woman
C.K.B. - City Woman

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Anonymous said...

yes... that sounds i really love just like in this crazy video where I'm dancing with that man in white :
that's from 2007... Disco never dies !

Anonymous said...

claude carrere producer of sheila black devotion

Anonymous said...

hehe, it's funny that you upped these songs, sometime ago i made an edit of Woman to Woman, if you want to listen to it heres the link :)