Friday, April 10, 2009

Blackjoy Disco Jams

Every since the release of the amazing Moustache twelve-inch a few years back, I've been a big supporter and fan of the "disco-house" flavoured group Blackjoy. Since that release back in 2005, the group has gone on to release some other solid singles including "Untitled" and "Mercurian". That being said, the group's upcoming twelve-inch release, entitled Blackjoy Disco Jams, might be the group's best, since the release of Moustache. The record, which should be released in May, is definitely a lot less "house" than their past few singles and a lot more "disco", which makes a person like myself very happy. The single features two solid tracks in the african-disco influenced "Djomani" and the roller-disco grooving "Apollo Funk". Both songs on the production-side are very solid, with an overall organic 70's feel, while mainting a fresh new outlook. Overall, it's another exciting new release from a group that always tends to put out great work.

I was specifically told not give out the exact versions that appear on the record, however here is an edit that you can definitely work into a mix or radio show to get people excited.

Blackjoy - Djomani (Radio Edit)

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