Friday, April 10, 2009

Balearic Disco Gone Prog

Since the later part of the week has been talking about new "disco" releases (which was generally just coincidental), I can't leave out the return of Lindstrom & Prins Thomas with the amazing cosmic-prog twelve-inch Tirsdagsjam. This record, which consists of two versions of the track, "Tirsdagsjam", is a slight departure from the past few releases from this incredible duo, however in a good and refreshing way. Relying less on programmed electronic synths and more on live drums, driving bass, and a vintage keyboard sound, both tracks have a "live-band" feel to them. It almost sounds like a 1975 prog-rock band that was produced by Daniele Baldelli and Manuel Göttsching putting on a live show in your backyard, which basically sounds like a dream I'm hoping to have at one point in my life. I'm definitely nominating this twelve-inch in the "Best of 2009" category, giving much credit to a duo that continues to re-define themselves and their sound, and hence by doing so, always staying a few feet ahead of the rest. Enjoy!

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Tirsdagsjam (lang versjon)

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Mozes said...

Great track!

Anonymous said...

the jam sounds like a band going off into space with the main riff from MJ's Smooth Criminal