Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Not Wait, Let's Go All The Way

Here is a soulful disco classic from 1977 entitled "Let's Go All The Way Down" by Brenda & The Tabulations. For no specific reason outside of the fact that this is a great song, this track has been in regular rotation on my ipod and tunrtable throughout the week. For some reason, it's just striking a chord with the mood I find myself in as of late. This is the extended twelve-inch version of the track, which originally was included on the group's solid I Keep Coming Back For More album. A great song for those that enjoy the more funky soulful side of disco. Enjoy!

Brenda & The Tabulations - Let's Go All The Way Down

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professor Eddy said...

Soul, disco and funk match perfectly in this song!

the ambassador said...

i posted this same version on my blog just a few weeks ago. Great tune. was it issued as a separate 12" of just on this casablanca EP?