Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Passing of a True Legend

I'm on my way to the airport to fly back to Northern California for my Grandmother's memorial service and I just heard that Michael Jackson has suddenly died. I must admit that I'm completely shocked by this unfortunate and very very sad news. I don't have any time right now to do a dedication post to the legendary singer and performer. However, I will say this is probably the saddest news about a person, not related to me, passing. In the mainstream world he might be known as the "King of Pop", however his musical influence goes far beyond that of the mainstream world, he has arguably been one of the most influencial musicians of all music. There will never be another Michael Jackson, he will be truly missed. By the way, Please no more deaths for is a good thing.

Michael Jackson - Ease on Down the Road (feat. Diana Ross)

Easy Street Records in Seattle, WA.Michael Jackson remembered at Easy Street Records in
Seattle, WA.

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Alex said...

this is some real sad madness——he was such a PYT. he will certainly be missed.

formatdesign said...

I remember my father was a big fan of Michael Jackson. he had all tapes he could find in the USSR. But only now I discover his music as a music of funk disco guru of all times.