Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Delicate and Funky

Sometimes, as I'm sure you've noticed, I like to step away from "pure" disco tracks(if there are any), and highlight other funky music and crossover cuts of the late seventies that didn't neccessarily fall into the "disco" category, but was very influential. Today is going to be another one of those times. That being said, a group that was a lot more latin and a lot less disco was the Fania All-Stars. I don't want to really get into the groups entire and accomplished history or highlight all the amazing members (which they definitely do have) that made-up the distinguished musical group, however I want to share a track that I've really been enjoying lately in their 1976 track "Picadillo" from the groups album Delicate And Jumpy. This version of the group featured some noteable musicians including Ray Barretto, Bobby Valentin, Papo Lucca and many many others. Overall the track has a funky laid back latin groove that I think would work well in the middle or even the "cool-down" of a disco set. A track that can really help change-up the groove slightly without losing people on the dancefloor. Regardless, being a Fania All-Stars fan like myself, the songs funky grooves has me playing this track on repeat as of late. Hopefully you'll enjoy it just as much as I do.

Fania All-Stars - Picadillo

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jmatt said...

this is awesome