Friday, July 03, 2009

I Am The Disco Machine

For me, it's a three-day weekend because of the 4th of July holiday. Therefore I'm going to spend much of my time outdoors, which is what all of you should be doing on this warm weekend. However for those that need some funky grooves to get you in the mood, here is Black Jack's 1979 disco cut "I Am The Disco Machine". This track is featured on the groups full-length record "Hot Passion". Speaking of the group's full-length album, there are definitely some great songs included on that record including the title track "Hot Passion" and the Supermax-esque cut "Jungle Man Jive". Now with that being said, I must admit that on both "Hot Passion" and "I Am The Disco Machine", I definitely feel that the choruses slightly drag down the song a bit. I just feel that they are a bit too cheesy in my opinion and take the focus off the rest of the songs' funky groove. After listening to the track, I expect many will agree with me on this one. However I don't let a few short excerpts in a song completely ruin it for me, especially with these songs which, other than their choruses, are solid cuts. Anyways, I hope it's just enough to get your holiday weekend started off right!

Black Jack - I Am The Disco Machine

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Sergio said...

Not surprising that a touch of the Supermax-sound should rub off on this, since Peter Hauke (the guy behind Black Jack) was a long time member of Kurt Hauensteins Supermax.
I think Loud E did a re-edit of Jungle Man Jive some time ago, but I haven't heard it.

Disco Dave said...

A wonderful song. I wouldn't be surprised if someone did an edit on this one soon.

Pat Les Stache said...

Yeah, I was thinking about giving possibly re-editing it and seeing how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Combination of things.
Peter Haulk
Richard Schoenherz
Hotline Studios

Has anybody else noticed that the cut Hot Passion by Black Jack has the same melody as Richard Schoenherz's "Between Judgement and Madness" which was on Schoenherz's incredible "What a Night" lp?

For me though, Hot Passion the LP is quite enjoyable, and JungleMan Jive is amazing! Look up "The Sun is my lover" by Black Jack. Very special song.


j m said...

The Sun is My Lover is a great tune.
Whats a trip about this record is the Hotline/Peter Hauke connection. But more interesting is the Richard Schoenherz connection. The track Hot Passion shares the same exact melody and synth lines as Schoenherz's "Between Judgement and Madness". Schoenherz also worked with the late great Kurt Hauenstein on Supermax Projects, as did George Liszt (BlackJack)