Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pleasure of the Ghana Disco Beat

I've shared a few tracks from Ghana native Sidiku Buari, aka Buari a few times before on this blog, mostly highlighting his music from his 1977 album Disco Soccer. However before that, Buari released a self-titled album two years earlier in 1975. Much like Disco Soccer, the record successfully blended together heavy African rhythms with funky disco grooves. The difference between the two records is probably the balance between the two music genres. On the 1977 Disco Soccer album, when disco was at it's height, the record was a bit more on the dancefloor/ disco side, while Buari's 1975 debut album touched upon more of a tradional African feel. That being said, both records are absolute gems and worthing of any disco party or dancefloor. To prove this, here is the song "Karam Bani" off Buari's self-titled record.

Buari - Karam Bani

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Michele said...

Great Track!
Another great song of Buari is Advice from Father, really great!

Alex said...

just played this at work. hot stuff!
we all say so.

the saucer people said...

Shame the link to Buari's 'Karam Bani' track is no more, apart from the well known 'Advice From Father B' (why does everyone drop the 'B'!?) I have not heard any other tracks from this 1975 album.
I got the reissue of 'Disco Soccer' a few weeks ago and I have been playing it to death!

Really wish they would re-release his first album otherwise its paying 90 Euros for a copy on Discogs! If you have a "repost" moment, I would really like to hear this.

On a side note, I hope the sales of the latest Cabana Disco are going well! Total global domination just a stepping stone away!