Monday, July 20, 2009

Space Fortress

I was excited to see the DFA/Solar Disco release of Altair Nouveau's new twelve-inch single Space Fortress. As many might know, Altair Nouveau, aka Brandon Mitchell, used to be a regular guest deejay at Studio! back when he use to reside in Seattle. After he got me a copy of his self-titled CD, I knew with one listen that it was only a short amount of time before a label like Solardisco or DFA signed him. As I have mention before on this site (see Cosmic Northwest Disco), if your into the more cosmic side of disco and electronic music (ie. Lindstrom, Diskjokke, Peter Visti, Blackbelt Andersen), this is a twelve-inch you must own.

Now Go Buy the Record:
Altair Nouveau - Space Fortress 12" (DFA)
Altair Nouveau - Space Fortress 12" (Solardisco)(incl. Remixes)

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1 comment:

Maelstrom said...

Thanks TJ. If it hadn't been for this blog it wouldn't have seen the light of day!