Friday, August 28, 2009

Obeah, Obeah, O

Lately I have been really into the 'unclassifiably funky' music of Exuma. I've enjoyed his 1970 classic "Exuma, The Obeah Man" for many years, however up until just recently I hadn't really explored many of his other songs. One of the songs that have recently grabbed my attention comes from his 1972 album Snake. The records opening track "Obeah, Obeah, O" has been a constant favorite of mine since picking up a used copy of the record. The song is very funky, however very unique sounding. The song reminds me of what would be playing at a campfire disco party located deep in the middle of the woods. Exuma has produced some of the most unique and original sounding music I've heard in some time. Even though, some of his songs are definitely a bit beyond me, I do find that the more I listen to it, the more I really love it. I would love to see a deejay drop this track in the middle of a long disco set and see people freak out to it. It would be quite beautiful in my opinion. With that being said, definitely more Exuma music to come in the future on this site. Enjoy your weekend.

Exuma - Obeah, Obeah, O

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jmatt said...

this is an awesome track, i love the cover too.

Stephen said...

I used to have this album and it was very difficult to obtain even when new - special order and a long wait. If you've got a copy you have a rare gem. I lent mine and never got it back! I have scoured the net for many hours trying to find songs from it. Well done American Athlete for posting Obeah,Obeah,O. Also on this album is Thirteenth Sunday -a brilliantly atmospheric voodoo sounding nightmarish anthem - truly scary!