Monday, August 31, 2009

Stretch It Out: One-Two

After posting Babe Ruth's 1975 track "Elusive" last week, Stretch's funky classic "Why Did You Do It? became the topic of conversation. Therefore I though I would post the track, especially since it's been a personal favorite of mine for quite sometime. This song originally appeared on a seven-inch released by the group in 1975 only to be later remixed and ultimately extended by producer Fredrik Ramel in 1984. This extended version, which was also released by numerous labels in 1984, is the version that has gained the most traction and remains the version that deejays often play out. Since the 1984 release the song has been remixed, re-edited and re-released on a number of different occasions, including most recently being included on the excellent Balearica 2: The Original Sound Of The White Island compilation as well as getting some disco treatment on Secret Bob's first Lobster Disques twelve-inch. With a song being this good, it makes sense everyone is jumping in and trying to get a piece of the pie...I don't blame them. That being said, it's an amazing song that truly captures the whole gritty rock meets disco thing perfectly. Enjoy!

Stretch - Why Did You Do it?

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Anonymous said...

love the tune, there's a cover with a female vocal that's also quite terrific

professor Eddy said...

Great track! I like rock bands doing disco. 'Play that funky music' by Wild Cherry is another one.