Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Introducing Booga Beat Radio

I'm excited to announce and share with everyone this new mock-radio show, tentatively titled Booga Beat Radio. Basically every week I am going to pre-record and post a radio show-like type broadcast showcasing choice selections from my ever growing record collection. This radio show, for now, won't be live, however pre-recorded live out of my bedroom. The focus won't be the mix as I plan to do little as far as mixing. Instead I will be focusing more on the songs themselves, much like I do here on this blog. That's not to say, I won't do any mixing, it's just not the focus of this specific weekly show. Even though I will showcase a lot of the music I have shared on this blog, I'm going to also try to branch out a little bit and showcase my growing love for African, Latin, and funky jazz music. Basically anything that I feel like sharing.

Hopefully this radio show will continue to grow and turn into a live broadcast. Please Let me know what you think. I'm basically learning as I go.

With that being said, here is my first broadcast of Booga Beat Radio. I pretty much "winged" this first one. Look for each and every consecutive one to get more and more polished as I go. I hope you enjoy!

Booga Beat Radio - September 01, 2009

1. Exuma - Exuma, The Obeah Man
2. Gil Scott-Heron - Whitey On The Moon
3. African Magic Combo - Man Was Born in Africa Pt. 2
4. Black Blood - A.I.E Mwana (Strangelove & Flamingo Edit)
5. Kaylan - Sweet Music
6. Barrabas - Wild Safari
7. King Sporty & the Root Rockers - Fire Keep On Burning
8. Tomas Ledin - Unknown? (Rune Lindbæk Edit)
9. John Ozila - Funky Boogie (Pat Les Stache Edit)
10. Hot R.S. - Slow Blow (Phantom Slasher Edit)
11. The Brothers - Under the Skin
12. Crystal Grass - Crystal World
13. Exuma - Obeah, Obeah, O

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web d said...

great idea! can't wait to check out the first installment.. keep it up pat!

brine said...

you didnt hang about did you
great show thank you

professor Eddy said...

Really nice!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but..
Please come to Stockholm soon and play some tunes! Would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

great idea , thanks a lot for this


Anonymous said...

NICE SHOW. Keep rocking. http://www.stickam.com/viewMedia.do?mId=185637243

Anonymous said...

master class but the last track don't work on my mp3

Pat Les Stache said...

Thanks for all the great feedback. Keep it coming!

Also let me know if you have any requests or genres you would like to hear me explore, etc.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the tracklist makes me excited.. exuma is so great..