Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thank You Seattle!

As this week began I was hoping to do a post everyday dedicated to my time here in Seattle. However, as I sit here and write this and realized that I will be spending the next two days moving and be without a computer, this will unfortunately be my final post of the week (I believe). Therefore it would only be proper for me to end my tribute to Seattle with a song I used to end most of my nights with in Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes's 1975 "Don't Leave Me This Way". Usually I drop the Dimitri From Paris edit, which I've shared on this blog before. To change it up a bit on this post, however, I think I'll share the original. When it comes to this track, I don't know if there's a better "closer" out there and the soulful gem will always remain a favorite of mine.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way

That being said, I want to take the rest of this post to thank everyone I met here in Seattle. You all made my time living here a really great and joyful experience. Just to name a few: Mikey, Val, Joe, Anna, Amber, Clay, Monika, Ashley, Mario and everyone I used to spend late night's with drinking at Solo, Terry (aka H.M.A.) and all the music you introduced me to, Josh Roberts, Josh the bartender, Lisa, Tatayana, Edis, and everyone at Capitol Club kept me company this tough summer, Will, Eric and my favorite neighborhood bar Sun Liquor, Quentin for letting me take the chance and host a disco night at Havanna, Charlie and Allie for being two of my favorite people- Seattle hasn't been the same without you both, Jana for being Nacho's best friend, Gene and the ECSC, Kieran, Kurt, Riz, Jason from Suntzu Sound and Eric for letting me deejaying your birthday parties, and of course all my firends and co-workers at the Seattle Opera. My day-to-day nine-to-five just won't be the same, and to everyone I missed, Thanks...Iwill miss you all and hopefully our paths will cross sometime down the road.

And on that note, I leave all my Seattle friends with one of the cheesiest and best closing lines I've ever seen in a film, from the 1996 movie Beautiful Girls:

"Stay Cool....Stay Cool Forever"

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Anonymous said...

hello pat
your blog is brilliant, it's a real pleasure of connecting me each day to discover which wonder you posts us
take care, caress has nacho

yves from paris (france)

derek, edinburgh said...

When Teddy sings 'DOn't Leave Me...' you know she done gone. When Thelam Houston sings it you know he comin' back. Like Tom Waits on that Downtown Train has no chance while Rod Stewart will see her again.
This is one the best songs of the era and proof that men do cry.
Great post.

Lesley said...

I've only ever heard Thelma's version of this track, and it always gives me goosebumps. Such a great tune. Thanks for posting it!

H.M.A. said...

Heart. Broken.