Thursday, October 22, 2009

Learning the African Hustle

Here is something a little more laid back than I usually post in Mombasa's mid-seventies funky cut "African Hustle". This song falls a little bit less along the disco side and a lot more along the Afro-jazz/ funky side of things, however I'm finding myself really into tracks like these lately. The one thing that I love about this blog is that even though it's prominently a "disco blog", it's also a place where I feel comfortable in sharing non-disco or more crossover songs that I enjoy and that I think my readers will like. Mombasa's "African Hustle" is definitely one of those songs. The laid back funky cut was released on the group's 1976 album "Mombasa 2: African Rhythms & Blues". If you like this track you'll love the album. Even though I'm not huge into purchasing re-issues, mainly because they generally feel so much cheaper than the original, this record was recently re-issued and you might want to check out the entire release. Until then, enjoy learning the "African Hustle".

Mombasa - African Hustle

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Big Ed Dunkel said...

Fucking where's the disco??