Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Livin' On Love

Here is a late 70's Cerrone produced track, that you don't see very often, entitled "Livin' It Up (Livin' On Love)". This version of the song was one of the three tracks off the 1979 twelve-inch release Don't Give A Damn under the Révelacion name. The Cerrone' disco project also released the funky and more often seen album, The House Of The Rising Sun in 1977. As many know, Cerrone released many solid disco records under both his own name and others (Révelacion, Kongas) during the seventies and early eighties. Révelacion's Don't Give A Damn is one of those more unknown Cerrone records that has, over time, slipped through the cracks. And even though it doesn't compare to many of his other classic releases, it's definately worth checking out.

Révelacion - Livin' It Up (Livin' On Love)

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angelbear said...

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Anonymous said...

just when i think i have a record you haven't posted yet...

nice tune. Kongas and Revelacion are both terrific.