Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soca Disco Reggae

Just over the past year, I have really gotten into the Trinidad based Soca flavoured disco group Kalyan. They are one of those groups that really blurs the lines between many genres of music including disco, soca, soul, Afrobeat, reggae, etc. I've been fortunate to pick up a couple of the group's records including Trini-Vibes and the 1977 self-titled effort, which are both produced by known cosmic disco producer Tony "Champagne" Silvester. The more I listen to both records, the more I tend to enjoy them. One of the songs that has really started to grow on me is the leading track off their self-titled record, entitled "Disco Reggae. This is one of those tracks that I think really represents the group's overall sound pretty well. Therefore, if you enjoy that "tropical disco" sound, like myself, this a great group to check out.

Kalyan - Disco Reggae

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1 comment:

jmatt said...

just picked up the greatest hits today, really looking forward to hearing it