Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Step by Step to Your Heart

I know I'm official breaking the "unofficial blog rule" and posting back-to-back songs produced by the people, however I'm going to do my best impression of a dictator and do it anyways because I was really feeling this 1977 disco gem, titled "Step by Step", by the Rinder & Lewis's produced project Discognosis. This is very rare disco cut and even more rare disco album, therefore I was very happy that Todd Terje released an extended edit of the cut a few years back off the Supreme Records label. For quite sometime now, "Step by Step" has been a personal favorite of mine and I can definately bet that I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Discognosis - Step by Step

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Boris said...

Great song I didn't know that this was a Rinder & Lewis production.

Glad your move went well. BTW can you pass along this video

A Response to Rep. John Boehner: I'm an American, and I support a Public Option.

Wait until you hear the guy at the end of the video.

Always looking forward to hearing great music from you.

professor Eddy said...

Rinder & Lewis are always good!