Monday, November 30, 2009

A Little Bit of Jazz

Well I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. My mini-vacation was very much needed, even though much of my time spent was with family which can be just as exhausting as a typical work week. The hardest thing I find, when a short vacation break comes to and end, is getting back in the swing of things. I woke up this morning, like many of you, wishing I had at least one more day off. Oh well, I guess you have to just be greatful for the time you do get off in this work-first world that we seem to live in.

Anyways, let's get in the swing of things with The Nick Straker Band disco-boogie classic "A Little Bit of Jazz". This funky gem was released as a twelve-inch single in 1981 and also included on multiple albums released from the group through different labels. From what I have heard through the years, "A Little Bit of Jazz" continues to be my personal favorite from the group. Enjoy!

The Nick Straker Band - A Little Bit of Jazz

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professor Eddy said...

Great track, Pat! My personal Nick Straker favorite is 'A Walk In The Park'.

Thurston Howell III said...

I never knew what these guys looked like. They could probably walk through Williamsburg, Brooklyn tomorrow night, dressed like that, and no one would raise an eyebrow!

philphila said...

LOVE this track!!

MIXA said...

Yey! We have already had this track on once today. Love it!