Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tibetan Serenity

Let's start the week off with a spacey cosmic jazz gem titled "Tibetan Serenity" by keyboardist and violinist Travis Biggs. This funky track, which features a number of great breaks, was included on Biggs' 1976 album Challenge. The album was originally released on a small Detroit label called T & C and was more recently re-issued by the Soul Jazz Records sub-label Universal Sound. Other standout tracks on the album include "I Wish" and a rendition of Steve Miller's classic "Fly Like An Eagle". If you enjoy spacey funk fusion, I highly recommend checking this record out!

Travis Biggs - Tibetan Serenity

To purchase or learn more about this album, visit the Soul Jazz website.

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soulie said...

Cool tuneage Pat.


Anonymous said...


tibetian serenity mixed with other 2 songs to get the final soundtrack on the fabulous Baia degli Angeli discoteque in Gabicce Italy end of the 70s.