Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cool Ranch

New York's Brennan Green had a busy year in '06 releasing four amazing records off of four different labels. These releases included 900 LB Man off of Jet Set, Pluto's Retreat off of Bear Funk, Modal Record's released Cool Ranch, and most notably Little Ease which was released off of his own label Chinatown Records. Now we can't ignore the brilliance of the much talked about, and most popular of these releases, Little Ease, especially with the amazing Lindstrom & Prins Thomas re-edit on the B-side. However after listening to his other 12-inches, you can't ignore the brilliance of those records as well. Pluto's Retreat supplies the disco club gem with re-edits from Optimus (which includes Pete Herbert from Reverso 68 most notably) , while Cool Ranch is, well, exactly that - "A Cool Downtempo track" that supplies all the "Nu Disco" you need for your dance party. My favorite track from Cool Ranch has to be "Bunko", which is a 10-minute safari through a tropical galaxy. Time to retreat.

Brennan Green - Bunko

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