Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fourteen Minute Miracle

One of my favorite Arthur Russell songs, the Danny Krivit re-edit of "In the Light of the Miracle", is a fourteen-plus minute dance jam, that in my opinion tops all the other edits that this song has received. And as amazing as this song is, it never saw an official release, however finding it's way onto a white label 12-inch with two other mixes of the same song. I was fortunite enough to find this hard-to-find 12-inch at the bottom of hundreds of records at my favorite record store in San Francisco, the now defunkt Open Mind Music. When I first heard this version, I thought to myself, this is Arthur Russell's best track next to maybe Dinosaur's "Kiss Me Again" or Loose Joints's "It's All Over My Face". I would like to see this unreleased track get remastered and possibilly get the official release it deserves. However, until then, enjoy a true hidden gem.

Arthur Russell - In The Light Of The Miracle (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)

SPECIAL NOTE: Me and my girlfriend will be making our first trip to New York (Believe it or not) from the June 8th - 11th. I would love to hear suggestions as to good record stores, clubs, places, etc., that we should check out during our short stay. Right now we have plans to stay in a hostile, and would rather not, so if anybody would be interested in housing us for a couple days (just to sleep, and very low maintence), I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks.

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bob said...
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Lagos Disco Machine said...

hey I live outside of nyc, but the hostels aren't that expenisive, has a hostel in it..
email me for clubs there

littlepapa said...

I unfortunately just left the city last week after 2 years. I would have loved to help you with lodgings, however, if you'd like music recommendations / people to hang with - email me

enjoy and thanks for the blog

david. said...

big ups dude. lets kick it. email me and we'll grab some beers over disco.


Sovietpanda said...

can't wait to hear this. thanks for posting!