Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mixed With Ice Cold Love

In 1979, Salsoul Records released Double Exposure's third full-length release, entitled Locker Room. This was the last album of original material that this Philadelphia group ever released. And even though Locker Room doesn't stand up next to their classic debut album Ten Percent, the album did have it's own highlights. One of those has to be the Walter Gibbons' mix of "Ice Cold Love". This song is a return to that classic Double Exposure sound that existed with their earlier singles "Ten Percent", "Everyman", and "My Love Is Free". Even though this group returned in 1981 to release one last single entitled, "Yes, I'm In Love With You, in my opinion "Ice Cold Love" represented Double Exposure's last "great" disco song, and I think it's unfortunate that the song was never released as a single. I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes. "Ice Cold Love" was later released on an amazing Suss'd Records compilation of classic Walter Gibbons mixes, entitled Mixed With Love - The Walter Gibbons Salsoul Anthology.

Double Exposure - Ice Cold Love

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