Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Got To Have Your Love

A song that I've found myself listening to a lot lately is Fantastic Four's disco gem "Got To Have Your Love". This 1977 single came out on the legendary Soul/Disco label Westbound Records, based in Detroit. The song was also mixed by the legendary producer Tom Moulton. This song showcases a nice blend between early Detroit soul and late 70's New York/ Philadelphia disco. If your a fan of "classic Salsoul" sounding disco, than this is definitely a track for you. Unfortunately right now, this 12-inch single is going for about $70-$100 online, so if you can get your hands on it for a decent price, I highly recommend it.

Fantastic Four - Got To Have Your Love

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James said...

Hey man - I'm dying to check this out, but I've had three attempts at downloading peter out once the file got to about 300k.

great blog btw

Pat Les Stache said...

I would try it again, the song downloaded for me OK.

Let me know.