Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's a Crystal World

It's safe to say that I love French disco from the 1970's, you know before France went "banger". This region produced some of disco music's best producers and writers, for example Cerrone, Don Ray, and Alec R. Costandinos to name a few. The music that was being produced by these artists was some of disco's best and most break through releases, including Cerrone's Love in C Minor, Sumeria's Golden Tears, and Don Ray's Garden of Love. Another French disco record that I've been getting into lately has been Crystal Grass's 1974 LP Crystal world. This record, which is highlighted by the classic title track, "Crystal World", contains that classic "French disco" sound that thrived during this period. The rest of the record doesn't quite match the energy of "Crystal World", however is still very solid. The record was co-written by none other than Alec R. Costandinos (Who Else?) and arranged by Don Ray, who seemed to arrange every disco record from this region at this time. Another solid release from a region that was just pumping out the disco hit's during the 1970's.

Crystal Grass - Crystal World

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Unknown said...

Holy crap. You need to post this whole album! As much as I love this genre, I've never even hear of this album.(But wait until after December 3rd when I get back from my trip abroad...Selfish, yes, I know.) Nice to hear the original source of the horn breakdown used Theme from S'Express!

discolady said...
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discolady said...

that european disco is the best !
if you come at Paris in France dont forget to match your visit with a Discoqueer party check it, you ll be mad ! http://www.discoqueer.com
Aïcha M. a european disco lover

Pat Les Stache said...

I will be in Paris in late May 2008. We should throw a party!!!

osses said...

discolady:thanks from the link!

Another great eurodisco work!I listended to i it few days ago:)

P.S I found something lately.Listen to Bionic Boogie - Cream,from Hot Butterlfy album..The bassline i sampled by Quincy Jones in M.Jackson Bad,for sure!

Pete Goddfrey said...

Great track thanks for posting it.I remember that twangy bassline was sampled in an early 90's house record that got caned in the Sub Club in Glasgow.Damned if i remember what it was though!
Great blog....cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
The download link seems to be broken. I would greatly appreciate if you could provide with a new link. Thank you so much ! =)