Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lower Lovin' Exposure

While record shopping this weekend, as I seem to do every weekend, I came across a few hidden rare gems. One of those rare disco LP's was Southern Exposure's Headin' South. This 1979 RCA release was produced by Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison which are better known as THP (Three Hats Productions). This four track LP was also arranged by Pete Pedersen who was behind many great disco releases like Sticky Fingers 1978 self-titled LP, THP's solid 1979 LP Good To Me, and The Duncan Sisters 1979 self-titled debut. Overall, this record which features both male and female vocals, amazing percussion and strings, and long epic instrumental breaks, is worthy of any disco collection. Definitely a nice find!

Southern Exposure - Headin' South
Southern Exposure - Love Is

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1 comment:

osses said...

I didnt know that tracks!i didnt know that album either..only the Samba Soul from 1977 which was more balearic,tropican:)nice