Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gary's Gang Busters

I've been kinda on a "Gary's Gang-kick" as of late, listening to their beloved classic Keep On Dancin', as well as recently picking up their 1979 LP Gangbusters. Now I'm just going to put it out there that the Gangbusters record is nowhere as near as good as the Keep On Dancin' album that was released about a year prior, however that being said, the record still contains one of my favorite Gary's Gang songs in "Spirits". Gangbusters, as an album, was pretty much a bust on it's release, due to the fact that it was probably rushed during production in order to try to cash in on the success of the first record. The album-only cut "Spirits" pretty much overshadows the entire record, and probably sounds closests to anything from Keep On Dancin'. Overall, I wouldn't recommend forking out alot of money for the record, however if you can get it for a decent ten dollars or less as I did, then I think it might be worth picking up the record for the "Spirits" cut alone.

Gary's Gang - Spirits

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Anonymous said...

hi i am a fan of gary s gang i was dj since 11 ys and now i am 43 ..let you a link with all full album hope help you to your blog..disco never dies...now we can keep listening in parts or samples of dance 2008 in different ways the

musiblog said...

nice with the link - but it is D E A D