Friday, July 18, 2008

Les Stache Boogie

After a long delay, Pat Les Stache Presents: Cabana Disco Vol.01 will be going into pressing at the end of this month. So I see an official release happening sometime in the middle of September. I apologize for the delay, however, it has allowed another edit in Bamboo's "Hey, Hey, Hey" (renamed "Bamboo Boogie") to make it onto the twelve inch single. The track will be included by Gepy & Gepy's "African Love Song" (renamed "African Love Music"), and John Tropea's "Livin' in the Jungle" (renamed "Lovin in the Jungle"). The whole re-edit twelve inch has this tropical-jungle disco theme to it that I'm really falling in love with. Regardless, here is another sample from that long-delayed record. Look for more information regarding it's release sometime at the end of next month.

Pat Les Stache - Bamboo Boogie

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to 'Pat Les Stache presents Cabana disco vol. 01'!

Anonymous said...

rad track... congrats!